Project Blue Is Launches It's New Foster Care Talk Series

Project Blue is excited to launch it's brand new national wide foster care talk series. The talk series is called "Foster Talks. Foster talks in a talk series dedicated to finding innovative solutions and ideas centered around foster care. The talk uses a Ted Talk style model where speakers will have 20 minutes to give their talk.We will have a bay area launch party July 15th in Santa Rosa, CA with an incredible speaker line up.

We want to create a space to be able to share ideas and thoughts to improve foster care. Also we relies that not all communities are alike and what works for one community won't work for another This is a way to some up with real solutions that work for the different communities. This talk is a great way to bring potential stake holders that maybe interested in helping to improve the foster care system. You can get the details on the bay area launch party event by clicking the link down below. We hope to see you there.